Full apartment or kitchen renovation: 

Internal Access Bins & Basement car Park Bin 

If you are removing a mixture of tile waste & cabinetry then we recommend a combination of bins, that way you can use the Internal Access Bins to transport the larger waste like kitchen cabinets , carpet & plasterboard to the basement car park where you can load it into the Basement Car Park Bin which is suitable for this type of waste, then when you proceed to removing the heavier waste such as tiles floor bedding & the small waist that you do not want to double handle you can load the Internal Access Bins.

IABS & BCB CAR PARK_edited.jpg

Bathroom renovation:

Internal Access Bins 

If you are removing tile & heavy waste such as bricks tile bedding then you will need to use the Internal Access Bins, these bins are able to be filled with heavy waste & have no weight restrictions, however you must always check the elevator/lift load capacity as one Internal Access Bin fully loaded with heavy rubble can weigh as much as 850kgs.


Shop fit or strip out:

Internal Access Bins: Concrete or heavy waste, tiles etc 

Basement Car Park Bin: Gyprock, cabinetry & general hard waste  

Note: Basement Car Park Bin requires an opening of 1400mm if it is to be wheeled inside a shop.