Can I fill the bins with heavy rubble?

Internal Access Bins - YES

Basement Car Park Bin - NO

How many days can I have the bins?

The bin hire is for seven days from delivery date, but if you need the bins for a little longer & if you let me know then this is usually not a problem unless the bin has been booked by another client & there a no other bins available.

How high can I load the bin?

The bin must only be loaded level to the top, any rubbish beyond bin height or length will be left on site upon collection and remain the responsibility of customer.

What can I put in the Basement Car Park Bin? 

Ideal for larger waste articles such as Gyprock, carpet, cabinetry & hard waste.

 1 tonne load limit.

What can I put in Internal Access Bins? 

These bins can be filled with all types of waste as there is no weight load limit.

How much does a full Internal Access Bin weigh?

1 Internal access bin filled with tile bedding & concrete can weigh as much as 850kg, so you must check elevator load capacity and bring one bin down at a time in elevator once full.

How many bins can be delivered at one time?

1  Basement Car Park Bin & 1 pair of Internal Access Bins or 2 x pairs of Internal Access Bins

Can full bins be replaced with empty bins?

Yes we can replace full bins with empty bins, each swap is charged as a new bin hire.

Can I order 1 Internal Access Bin?

No,Internal Access Bins can only be delivered & collected in pairs

How many bins can be collected at one time?

With our collection system only 1 Basement Car Park Bin or 1 pair of Internal Access Bins can be collected at a time. 

Will our vehicle fit into your basement car park ?

Our concept has been designed for delivering to underground car parks and we only need a height clearance of 1.8 metres

Do you service Brisbane & Coolangatta?

Yes but there is a distance charge.

Brisbane CBD $100.00 & Coolangatta $20.00

What bin would best suit my situation?

Please click on "Which bin " above

or call Brad for suggestions 0422519200

 NO - wet paint - asbestos - liquids - tyres - wet concrete