Identifying the problem 

Whilst working in the rubbish removal industry on the Gold Coast I was continually encountering people who were faced with the difficulty of removing waste from high rise apartments, office buildings & shopping centres. As a lot of my work was coming from this particular niche market I decided to look at a way to eliminate the double handling aspect making it convenient and cost effective for the renovators and contractors, also eliminating any complaints from tenants to the management & or body corporate.

Creating the solution

Heavy duty bins that can withstand harsh treatment & the often heavy loads.Bins that are easy to manoeuvre with low impact rubber castors, that  fit through a standard size doorway and into a standard elevator - lift. A system to deliver and collect the bins from underground basement car parks which often have a low overhead clearance height & a means to tip the bins once at the waste recycling centre.

Demand is increasing as my services become known & I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers who use the bins & the management of the establishments where they have been used

(AU PATENT NO: 2007234549)   (NZ PATENT NO: 577323)

(GB PATENT NO: GB2470720)     (US PATENT NO: 8,403,617) 

Business opportunities available for Brisbane,Sydney & Melbourne


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